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Treating Yourself Issue 34
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For anyone new to the world of medical marijuana Hempathy will ease the transition. To those who know next to nothing about cannabis, the book is educational. For the seasoned advocate, sit back and enjoy.

Mary lou Smart

why-whynot is an entertaining and insightful book. It comes at the right time politically, economically and socially to underscore the stupidity and immorality of cannabis prohibition with humor and art. I recommend the book to anyone lookin

Dr Bob Melamede

It's fantastic! it is one of the best books about Hemp I've seen in nearly 20 years running this business.

I read your book Hempathy-food for thought from cover to is BRILLIANT!!! This book tells the truth in an entertaining way, in my opinion ALL politicians should get that book to read and cannabis would be legalized real quick...

Mahalo and Aloha, Thomas.
(Marketing-Manager Serious Seeds)

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